Game 19 vs Healdsburg Prune Packers Recap

The Blues struggled to get anything going offensively and also suffered from some defensive blunders in their Tuesday night 12-1 loss to the visiting Healdsburg Prune Packers.

The Blues were able to get out a bases loaded jam in the first inning with back to back looking strikeouts from Jack Schneider.  The Blues tried to get something going offensively with singles from Price Visintainer and Adam Fogel, but they ended up leaving two men stranded.

The Prune Packers managed to get three runs in the third.  A couple of passed balls and a wild pitch were the culprits.  The Packers bolstered their lead in the fourth when right-fielder, Landon Etzel hit a grand slam.  The Blues got one on the board in the fourth when Marco Murillo got on base with a double.  He was brought in on a sacrifice ground out by Justin Beck.

The rest of the game was uneventful offensively for the Blues.  The Prune Packers were able to add two more runs, bringing the final score to 12-1.

Coach Dan Marple had some thoughts on what went wrong offensively for the Blues.  “We got nine hits, a couple base on balls, and that should account for more than one run.  We left a ton of guys on base.”  The Blues had one run on nine hits and eleven left on base.